Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching Up!

Wow! It's been a while...where does the time go? I can't believe it's almost Christmas. I LOVE this time of year!!! We already have our tree up and Christmas songs are playing in my car...Tis the Season!

Since I'm totally lame, and can't think of a creative thing to blog about, I thought I would just document what's been going on and post a few pics. goes!
1. Our anniversary was AWESOME! Rus had a great day planned for us. We started out the day at the spa! We had a couples massage, couples pedicures, and couples manicures! He was such a trooper to do all of this with me - it made it so much more fun! After our morning of relaxation, we went shopping for a new entertainment center (we got a new flat screen TV)...we STILL haven't found what we are looking for! We ended the day going to eat at Bone Fish (so yummy) and then to a movie. I can't remember the last time we had a date like that! It was a great day, and very special occasion to celebrate!

2. The girls have been so sweet lately. Campbell is crawling everywhere, and Karson is loving the fact that she is getting easier to play with! Many days I will find them in Karson's room playing with the pretend food or reading stories together. It blesses my heart every time! I'm so glad that (so far) they are so happy together. The other night I put them in the tub for a bath. I had to run to my room for something and told Karson to watch Campbell for a sec. When I came back, they were playing so sweetly with Karson's bath toys - I had to get a picture!
Rub a Dub Dub...2 girls in a tub!

3. We had a great Thanksgiving Break. It was so great to all be at home together and hang out with the family. Campbell was sick for part of it, but we think she's turned the corner - thank you, Lord! Now that it is officially the Christmas season, we've started talking a lot about the Christmas Story. Tonight, I gave Karson the "Christmas Test". You know, the one where you make sure your child doesn't answer the question, "What is Christmas about?" with the answer, "PRESENTS!!!! SANTA!!!!! TOYS!!!!!". Thankfully...she passed! I asked the BIG question, and her sweet reply was, "It's Jesus' Birthday!". While I was busy patting myself on the back for being such a terrific, Christian, Godly mother to my children (and so humble, I might add), she asked to see the Toys-R-Us ad from the paper this morning. Wow. The Lord knew I needed a little reality check. :)

4. A Few other pics that I just thought were fun...

My smart girl...she wrote a story! This was a about a loud hippopotamus! If you look closely, you can find those words in her own invented spelling! It's so fun to watch her learning!!!

Campbell's hair is growing like crazy! We love to "style" it right after she gets out of the bathtub. I had to get a pic! Paci, anyone?

May the joy of this blessed Season surround you! Have a great week!

Friday, November 14, 2008

10 Years!!!!

10 years ago today I married the love of my life.

We have a fun weekend planned to celebrate! I will be sure to post details after it's over!

Happy Anniversary Rus!

I love you more than ever.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Better Late Than Never

I've been waiting to post my Halloween pictures until after everyone else's had been out there for a few days. I wanted to make sure that my children were "ooohed and aaaahhed" over appropriately....Actually, I'm just late...but it sounded good!

We had a GREAT time last Friday! Karson got to wear her costume to school, so our festivities began early in the day. We went trick-or-treating at Aunt Tracey's (a tradition since Karson's 1st Halloween) and then went to the church for our Fall Festival. For the first time, Karson figured out about the "CANDY, I WANT TO GET MORE CANDY", so it was extra fun to see her get excited about it!

I can't believe how warm the weather was (around 75 degrees). Campbell had the cutest little lamb costume that she was supposed to wear. I had a flashback to Halloween '04 when Karson was a bumblebee. It was a precious FLEECE costume, and because it was an unusually warm year, she spent the night crying because she was so hot. Needless to say, I did not want a repeat performance! We opted to wear a sweet little tutu that Cousin Bella gave us. I was very sad not to see her as a lamb, but she was a pretty cute little ballerina princess...and she didn't shed a tear, so it was well worth the wardrobe change!

We ended the night in the fellowship hall listening to great music and eating ice cream! Both girls were happy and tired. It was a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
The traditional, "stand by the front door" pose - Here's Karson as..."Sharpay" from HSM!!!
Our little ballerina princess! (She's saying "abracadabra")
Cams and Aunt Tracey - 1st Trick or Treat!

When we 1st arrived at the church, we ran into...Addi!!!! Oh, the love!!!!

Campbell found a friend too! This is Landrie (our friends Nick and Casie's daughter who is 2 months younger...and so cute!!!!)

Karson wanted her face painted 1st thing - we got a pink butterfly on one cheek and a purple flower on the other...lovely.

In other news...tonight is Election night. We were watching some of the coverage before Kars went to bed (because I became strangely obsessed with it today). She came over by me and asked who I voted for. I told her "McCain". She asked if he was winning, and I told her no. She then went over to Rus to ask who he voted for. When he replied, "McCain", she threw herself down on the floor and said, "But he's not winning!!!!". Then she popped up and exclaimed, "I know! Let's go vote again!".

Unfortunately, the polls were closed. :)