Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Closet Cleanout '09 - continued...

Okay, Miss Jennifer, you are right. What is so great about cleaning out closets? NOTHING! I have officially taken that word out of the title!

Today's project was Karson's closet. I had intended on getting started shortly after breakfast, but we had a change of plans. Rus called and said we needed to take something over to a friend's house, so we decided to walk it over! They don't live far, and the girls and I had a DELIGHTFUL walk! The weather was beautiful, the birds were chirping, and we got some fresh air! When we returned to the house, we played outside for a few more minutes. Such a fun way to start the day...we should do this more often.

Once we came inside, it was time for Campbell to take her nap and time for Mommy to tackle the closet... Karson's closet is a bit tricky. It goes way back on either side, so you have to crawl back there to put things on the shelves or hang things up...good times!

Before I show you the pictures, you must know that all of the clothes hanging in the girl's closets in the "before" pictures, are NOT the same clothes hanging up in the "after" pictures. I just want to paint a clear picture of how much work this was. Heaven forbid anyone think that I didn't do enough work! :)



Monday, April 20, 2009

The Great Closet Clean-Out of '09

The closets in my house are beyond messy. They are disastrous! Embarrassingly so. I decided that this week I would tackle getting them all changed over to spring clothing and CLEANED OUT! I started this morning. In an effort to stay focused, motivated, and dedicated to the end, I decided to take before and after pictures.

Campbell's closet was the "closet of the day"! In only a little under 2 hours...the project was complete. Now, don't even ask how her room looks because of the clean closet. That's a post for another day!

Feel free to leave me a comment about how awesome I am and how proud you are of my accomplishment! Yes, I know, I'm completely shameless and prideful. Forgive me, Lord.



Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter...almost a week later!

We had a fabulous Easter. How can you not? Celebrating the Risen Lord???? What isn't exciting about that? I truly intended to post about this long before now, but somehow it is already Thursday night, and it hasn't gotten accomplished...oh life, it does fly by...

Karson was VERY sick last week. We ended up in the doctor's office getting IV fluids on Friday. She was still a little weak on Sunday, but she was able to go to church! You'll notice in the pictures that she's a bit pale! We're just glad she's better!

I'm mad that I didn't take any pictures of the girls looking in their Easter baskets. All we did was video. They were quite excited to find yummy snacks, cute Summer flip flops/crocks, new bathing suits, and books. Karson thinks it's very neat that the Easter Bunny can make flip flops from the Gap...hmmmmm, am I warping my child??????

Here are the girls before church! Campbell WILL NOT stand still for a picture. She got so mad that she finally just sat down. I asked Karson to bend down by her...and this is the best we got. Oh well, we have many years of the traditional, "stand in front of the fireplace" pose!

After church, we met my parents and my sister's family for lunch at Charleston's. We then headed over to Nana's for the afternoon! Here are the cousins in their Easter outfits. Are those boys not PRECIOUS??? Can you tell that Kars is about to choke Cams? I'm telling you, the girl will NOT be still!

Here's the fam! Can you tell our color theme for the year? We were so proud of Rus...he even picked out his own pink tie to coordinate with us! He's such a great "girl" daddy!

"Miss Thang" sporting her bunny ears from Nana!

It was a yucky, rainy day, so we had to do the egg hunt inside. Kars was a bit irritated with the Easter Bunny for hiding the eggs too high for her!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here, There, and Everywhere

Prepare yourself for some random thoughts...

***Tonight, when I got out of the shower, I found Karson playing with my bra. She was wearing it (upside down, mind you), and talking about how "they" were sooooo big. This promptly made me crack up, because, if you know me at all, you know that there is no way that a bra of mine could make anything "sooooo big". She saw me laughing and started laughing with me. I then asked her if she would like for me to take her picture. She responded, "NO. Do not put this on the blog."

Wow. How was she able to read my mind? That was exactly what I was planning to do. Scary. I didn't even realize she knew what a blog was.

***In unrelated news, Campbell is officially off the bottle. She gave up her last one on Tuesday night. I'm sad. I wasn't ready for that. I quite enjoyed the fact that she would sit and snuggle in my lap for a solid 10 minutes and drink her bottle right before bed. It was the ONLY time of the day that she would sit still for that long. It also makes me sad because it's just one more step away from being a baby. Somebody stop the clock!

***In other random news, tonight was the last episode of ER. I watched to pre-show and cried. I am waiting on Rus to get home so we can watch the show together. I started watching this show my freshman year of college. Wow, it's been on a long time. I'm very sad it's's one of my favorites.