Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bring on Christmas!!!!

First of all, thank you for all of the sweet comments and prayers for my family concerning my grandmother. We all made it there and home safely - thank you, Lord! The service was beautiful and so celebratory of an extraordinary life. Our emotions are still high, but we are so grateful for the life she led.

Now that we are all home...Christmas is upon us! We have already celebrated 1 "Christmas" - we have several more to go...we can't wait! I thought you might like to see how the girls looked in their Christmas dresses at church this morning.

*Note - I always try to make things even between them...including the number of pictures I post! Campbell is getting more and more difficult to photograph these days due to her increasing mobility. The only shots we got of her were "action shots", so I had to post both! :)

Here's our big girl! We didn't even have to have a discussion over bows this morning...I think it was an early Christmas gift! :)
And she's off! Look at that grin...she is definitely up to something!
We finally got her to sit still for a minute...even if it was backwards! (She did have shoes on prior to the photography session. By this point, we were "picking our battles")


Carolynn said...

Thanks for making me feel better. I just now took the kids Christmas card pics--maybe some friends will receive theirs before Christmas:-) Speaking of, I would love to get your address to send you guys one--you can email me at So glad you made it home safe, and have a Merry Christmas!

Christina said...

Thank you so much for the adorable Christmas card! The girls are just beautiful. I love your blog, thanks for sharing. I need to do something like this as much as I love to write. Having 3 has been a blessing, Cy is just so sweet and relaxed. Rilee and Bradee are doing so well with him. We are truly lucky to experience this. Have a wonderful Christmas. Christina

Lauren said...

Umm...I'm pretty sure your children become cuter by the minute!