Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Closet Cleanout '09 - continued...

Okay, Miss Jennifer, you are right. What is so great about cleaning out closets? NOTHING! I have officially taken that word out of the title!

Today's project was Karson's closet. I had intended on getting started shortly after breakfast, but we had a change of plans. Rus called and said we needed to take something over to a friend's house, so we decided to walk it over! They don't live far, and the girls and I had a DELIGHTFUL walk! The weather was beautiful, the birds were chirping, and we got some fresh air! When we returned to the house, we played outside for a few more minutes. Such a fun way to start the day...we should do this more often.

Once we came inside, it was time for Campbell to take her nap and time for Mommy to tackle the closet... Karson's closet is a bit tricky. It goes way back on either side, so you have to crawl back there to put things on the shelves or hang things up...good times!

Before I show you the pictures, you must know that all of the clothes hanging in the girl's closets in the "before" pictures, are NOT the same clothes hanging up in the "after" pictures. I just want to paint a clear picture of how much work this was. Heaven forbid anyone think that I didn't do enough work! :)



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