Wednesday, February 4, 2009

She Cracks Me Up!

At school, Karson has been working on learning to spell and write her last name. Today she came home with this paper. As you can see, she has been doing very well! See the "wow" sticker?

When I pulled the paper out of her folder I was bragging on what a great job she did...

Me - Karson Elaine, look at your neat writing!!! Did you do this in a free center, or did Mrs. Kendall ask you to do it?

Karson - She asked us to do it. We had to write it 3 times.

Me - Did you do it all by yourself (which she can), or were you looking at something?

Karson - I was looking at a card with my name on it.

Me - Well, you did an awesome job! I'm so proud of you!!

Karson - I know...hold the applause.

Oh my goodness. I had to leave the room to keep from bursting out laughing. I guess at parent/teacher conferences next week I won't be asking if we have a confidence issue! :)

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Georgeann said...

Oh my goodness....that "hold the applause" just made me laugh!!! This is what I hear from Martha and my Mom -- that Karson has the most unique sense of humor. You will definitely need to put your blog in book form with all these Karson Kwips someday. Thank you for sharing with me!