Saturday, January 24, 2009

Praying for Colton

UPDATE 1/28- We have been at my parent's house for the past 2 days. We were getting a bit "cabin feverish", and we needed a change of scenery. Sorry for not posting this sooner. Colton's surgery was supposed to take 4 hours. It took less than 2! The tumor was underneath the scull, but it was on top of the brain (not inside). The doctors were able to remove it easily. It didn't seem to be attached anywhere. They have sent it off for a biopsy and are hoping that it will come back benign. THANK YOU, LORD!!!! This sweet boy has so many wonderful things ahead! God showed up in in so many ways surrounding this surgery. We give Him all the praise!
This is Colton Brock.

I had the privilege (along with Shelbi) of teaching this precious child for 2 years at King's Kids Preschool at FBCO. He was 3 when this picture was taken. He is now a big 5 year old in kindergarten. I truly love all of the kids that I have ever taught (both in elementary school and preschool), but if you're a teacher, you know that there are a handful that truly grab your heart. Colton is one of those.

When he entered our room for his first day, he was terrified. He had never been left with anyone but family before. We soon figured out that the only way to help him feel safe was to let him carry around his nap time pillow. I can still see that pillow in my mind. It was blue and it had little pirate ships all over it. Over the 2 years we had him in our class, we got to watch him grow from that scared little boy to a confident leader! One thing never changed...he always had the sweetest smiles and the most tender heart.

This past Thursday, Colton's mom called me with news I would never have expected. Colton has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He will have surgery on Tuesday morning at St. Francis Children's Hospital. From what the doctors can tell at this point, the tumor is in a spot that is fairly easy to access and appears to be benign. We are so thankful for that...but we're still talking about brain surgery...on a 5 year old.

Will you please join me in lifting up this precious family? I promised them that I would ask everyone I know to pray for him. I want them to feel the prayers going out for them and their precious baby boy. Our God is big. Let's make sure they feel that.

Thank you so much! I will make sure to post an update when I have one.


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Thanks for the update on th is sweet boy. We were wondering how he was doing after hearing about him at church. I found your update from looking at Kathy's blog list. We sure to serve an Awesome God!