Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Interrupt this Spring...

Many people would find it bizarre that my last post was all about nice Spring weather, and this post is about snow. Nope. Not bizarre, just Oklahoma!

Yesterday morning we woke up to a rain/sleet mixture that quickly turned to snow. It snowed for 8 straight hours at our house...and we're not talking about a few measly flakes here and there, we're talking blizzard-like conditions. It was beautiful, and so much fun to watch. Because the weather had been so Spring-like prior to this, the ground was still very warm. We were shocked that it stuck like it did. I guess when it snows that much, that fast, it has nowhere else to go!

This winter has been full of cold temperatures and wintry precipitation, but it has all fallen in the form of ice. We were so excited to finally get something we could play in...and this was PERFECT snow for making snowmen!
After our photo shoot, Daddy and Karson stayed out for over an hour. They built a "really cool" fort and a snowman. Daddy also pulled her around on a make-shift sled. So Fun!!!
Mommy and Campbell only got to stay out for a few minutes. Baby Girl WOULD NOT leave her mittens on, so I was worried her hands were going to get frost bitten!
Our 2 favorite snow bunnies! It was hard to see because the snow kept falling in your face...thus the squinty eyes!!! (Look at our street...this was around 1:00...the snow had been falling for about 4 hours by this time...picture 4 more hours of this!)
In Karson's 5 years of life, she has either been too young, sick, or recovering from surgery every single time we've had a snow fall. Needless to say, she was DELIGHTED to be able to play in the white fluff covering our yard. Today it was back up to 58 degrees. Most of the snow is gone. What a fun, quick, and unexpected little gift on an otherwise boring Saturday!


Shelbi said...

Look at those little bundled up cuties! They looked like they had a great time! Love those girls!!!

Lauren said...

So fun! It was a completely random snow but it made for a fun day!! At least you got your girls to pose for pictures. Ethan went out an immediately started throwing snowballs.