Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Breakdown on Aisle 9

Yesterday was a day of many fits for Campbell. The fits started in the morning, and continued throughout the afternoon. Campbell's fits consist of her not getting her way about something, and then throwing herself backwards while screaming at the top of her lungs. It is joy. Pure joy. I wish.

After we dropped Karson off at school, we had to go to Wal-Mart. I should have seen it coming by the fact that the 1st fit was thrown as I was putting her chubby legs through the holes in the basket. Naively optimistic however, I proceeded with my shopping. As we made our way through the store...

Side note: If you live in Owasso, then you know that Wal-Mart is the most frustrating place in the world right now due to the remodel. I cannot find ANYTHING because NOTHING is where it used to be. This makes for the world's most irritating shopping experience.

Ahem. As we made our way through the store, more fits occurred. Loud fits. Crying fits. Fits that make people stare at you with the look on their face that says, "Take your baby out of here. No one wants to listen to that screaming." I just kept walking and gritting my teeth and sweetly saying, "Cams, that's enough."

As we walked into the check out line, fit number 55 began. (Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration) The lady in front of me was just finishing getting her groceries onto the conveyor belt, so I knew I had a few minutes to get the screaming baby out of the cart and calm her down a bit. That's when it happened.

Am I the only one that gets stressed in the check out line? I feel this tremendous pressure to get my groceries out as fast as possible so that I can get to the other end and get the bags off the twirly thing and into my cart. Never mind the added stress of trying to put your heavy things on first so that they go in the cart first. Or trying to keep all of your cold items together. And you can forget worrying about keeping your eggs and bread for last so that they can go on top. What happened to those nice young kids that used to help my mom get her grocery bags into the cart and even out to the car? Where has service gone????

I digress.... So, I'm holding Campbell (aka "Fit-thrower), trying to get my groceries on the belt (in order and QUICKLY), the checker is asking me if I have any heavy items I would like for her to scan, and the woman behind me is giving me "the look". I wanted to throw my own fit at that point, but I managed to hold it together. By the time we left, I was sweating and worn out.

I'm telling you. Wal-Mart ain't for sissies.


Carolynn said...

I know exactly what you mean:-) I inevitabley will find the slowest checker as well--it's a gift:-) Our Walmart went through a remodel a few months ago--I do not handle change like that very well. I am still looking for a few items:-)

Lauren said...

The joys of Wal-Mart!

Jennifer said...

I can't relate to your story inside Wal-Mart because I am always OUTSIDE Wal-Mart, wandering the parking lot trying to remember where I parked. Talk about pressure..... I'm always racing to find my car before someone picks me up and takes me back to the nursing home! I'm with ya sister.....it aint for sissies!

drbaucom said...

Poor Zum! I think most Walmarts are a pain, construction or no.

Mommy Pose said...

Campbell's kindred spirit is having the SAME ISSUES! The fits are horrid, and back-arching, and embarrasing. At his 15 month well check, I read on his sheet that it is the normal age for fits and to just ignore it and place the child in a safe place. HA! At the grocery store, there is no safe place. I feel your pain, friend!!!

tina said...

Oh, I so needed a good laugh!:) I totally relate right now. The only consolation that I can give you is that you. are. not. alone. I know you so wish that you had been with Nana, me and the boys last night at Chili's.--Yeah, your story only confined to a small booth for over an hour! Good times, Sis! Thank goodness at the beach this summer there will be lots of "safe places" as Kristi says! (and dads to help...hopefully)

Georgeann said...

Oh yes, I remember the days.... When you said the checkout lady asked, "Do you have any heavy items to scan?" I thought for sure I was going to read, "Yes, and here she is!" as you hold out Campbell for her to scan out of pure frustration!!(-;
Always fun to read your blog!
Love & Hugs to you Friend!