Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Bottle...It Makes Me Sad

Campbell has been having slight "tummy trouble" for some time now. Karson was NOT a spitty baby, so when Campbell arrived and started the splendid practice of spitting up most of her bottles...well, let's just say we were less than pleased. At first we thought it was just acid reflux. Dr. Boyd prescribed some medicine, she slept at an incline, we changed formulas, and endured THE SPIT. It seems things have progressively gotten worse. For the happy baby she is, feeding time is miserable. She cries through most of it and groans through the rest. It breaks my heart and makes me feel like I'm poisoning her.

Today I picked up yet another new formula to try. This is our last resort. If this one doesn't work, we have requested that she have an Upper GI scan performed to see if anything more is wrong. We've had one bottle of it already...it didn't go so well. She fussed like usual, and then proceeded to spit most of it up and choke in the process. Fun times. I called my sister (Tracey - the best nurse EVER), and she said to give it one more try. If she reacts this way again, we can offically say we've tried it and IT DOESN'T WORK.

Pray for our sweet baby girl and her tummy.

Update: She's trying to keep us confused! She has fussed off and on all day with the new formula. I don't think we're going to stick with it. We have the Upper GI scheduled for June 13th.


Mommy Pose said...

I am sorry. I know that is frustrating. :( Campbell's tummy will be added to my list.

drbaucom said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome! So glad you're here on blogspot now. Your baby girls are beautiful.

Lauren said...

:( Keeping all Campbell in my prayers.

Mama Cakes said...

Well, it is about time that you admitted that you are a lurker!!! That is the first step in your blog recovery program. Really, we are happy that you have joined the blogging world. I will be praying for miss Campbell. ~Kathy