Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The "Thought You Saiders"

When I was a little girl, my sisters and I (and maybe Tommy too) used to love to read this book called Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. Actually it was a series of books. Each chapter in the book was a story. One of our favorite stories was the "Thought You Saiders Cure". The children in the story are having a hard time hearing their parents. Their parents tell them something, and they always reply with "I thought you said...". The parents get so frustrated that they go to Mrs. Piggle Wiggle to see if she has a cure. She gives them special medicine to give the children that will make them hear more clearly. We thought it was HILARIOUS!

All of that to say...Karson had a "thought you said" moment this morning. We were cleaning up after breakfast, and I said, "I need to sweep the floor." She replied, "You're going to sleep until four?!" I immediately cracked up and we spent the morning giggling about it. She had another one about a week ago, and I am kicking myself for not writing it down.

My sister posted some totally precious things that John Thomas is saying lately. That post, along with our "thought you said" moment this morning made me realize that Karson has almost completely outgrown all of her baby girl sayings. She still says a few things in her own way. I refuse to correct her...and I will physically hurt anyone else who does! :) You might find these as funny as we do!

"Cafrume" (ka-froom) - you know, the stuff that makes you smell good! As in, "may I have a squirt of cafrume please?" She's all about Bath and Body Works Body Splash.

"Besgusting" (bee-skusting) - gross, terrible, rotten; "Those vegetables are besgusting!"

"Yukalalien" (yook-a-lay-lee-in) - the small guitar-like instrument often times played in Hawaii. "Mommy, look, I'm playing the yukalalien!"

***In totally non-related news, we bought new tap shoes and new ballet shoes this week! Karson's first dance class is September 8th! She is BEYOND excited. I'll be sure to post pictures. In the meantime, the wood floors at our house are prime tapping surfaces!!!!


Teen said...

I do have such fond memories of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!! When you were in TX, Karson had to have a squirt of cafrume just like mommy every day!--Not only did she smell like you, I loved to hear her say it!

shelbi said...

Hey what about "Reasors" peanut butter cup. I love that one.