Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gotta Work

I'm probably the only one that found this quite amusing, but hey, I wanted to remember this one!

Last night I heard Karson talking to Rus about her day. She asked him if he had to go to work tomorrow. He told her yes. She then proceeded to tell him that she had to go to work too. I heard him ask her what kind of job she had, and she told him she worked with animals. What a sweet little imagination. I smiled about it and went on with what I was doing.

Fast forward to this morning...

Karson takes after me. She is VERY slow to wake up. She doesn't like a lot of loud talking or being asked to move quickly. As I was finishing getting dressed, I heard her come into my room and get in my bed. I went in there and got to snuggle with her for a bit. I asked her if she was ready for breakfast, she said yes and asked me to carry her into the living room so she could watch a show while I fixed it. At this point she was still really groggy and sleepy. As I was setting her down on the couch, she said, "Is it Saturday?" I told her that is was Thursday. To which she replied with a yawn, "Ugh, I have to work today."

Stifle laugh here, Melissa.

I said, "You do? Where do you work?" Acting a bit irritated that I was making her talk so much in the morning and that I didn't remember, she replied curtly, "I told you, with animals."

I hope she makes a good salary. She's awfully young to already be burdened about a job.


Jennifer said...

So funny! I work with some baboons myself.

Aunt Neen:) said...

Oh, I do love my Sassy Star! Sorry she is so burdened by the animals!:)