Wednesday, January 7, 2009

She teaches me too!

I have MUCH to blog about, but no time to do it. I did, however, have to get this one down before it left my memory. It was just too sweet not to write about!

This morning Karson was talking to me while I was putting on my makeup. We were chatting about all sorts of things, and she started talking about her school day. She goes to preschool with me and Pre-K, so sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out which "school" she's talking about. She was talking about her daily schedule and informed me that they begin every morning with a prayer. This caught my attention and alerted me she was talking about preschool, so I began asking about the prayer. "Is it something you say the same every time?" "Do you all say it together?" "Do you say it out loud?"

Finally, she said, "No Mom! This is what we say: Dear God, This day is for You. We ask that You bless all we think, say, and do. In Jesus name we pray, Amen."

My heart immediately felt warm and I choked back my tears of joy (she has started getting a little annoyed with my crying). I said, "Kars! That's a wonderful prayer. That's something we should all say everyday. Not just on preschool days."

She replied, "I know. I say it in my head before I get out of bed and come in your room in the mornings."

Oh my goodness. What a blessing and an example for me. Look at this sweet child already knowing that before she gets out of bed she needs to give her day to the Lord. This is definitely something her Mama needs to remember on a daily basis. I'm just glowing in God's blessings. I'm so thankful that she has WONDERFUL teachers that are helping to lay the spiritual foundation of her life. I've said many times that the thing I want most for her is that she come to know the Lord. It's so comforting to know that there are others helping me to guide her toward that path.

God is good!


Jennifer said...

She teaches me three! I love that precious girl. "This day is for you.' Why do I seem to forget that?? I will also be saying "Karson's Prayer" before I get out of bed in the morning.

Lauren said...

So, so sweet. What a wonderful prayer! I should write it down and remember the same thing myself. Thank you for sharing. Loves.

L stewart said...

Hey Melissa!
This is Lindsay Stewart. I used to teach with you at First Baptist
owasso. I came across your blog through my friend Kim Bevins sister. I can't believe how big Karson is! I remember when Karson and Hunter were not even 1 year olds! I have finally started my own blog so I can journal more. Your baby is precious! You have two beautiful girls. I would love to here from you sometime! said...

This is so sweet. Karson really takes everything in and is such a smart girl- but it is truly amazing that she decided on her own to say this before she gets out of bed! WOW!