Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life in FULL swing

Wow! We have been super busy lately. Where did June go? What have we been doing?...

1. VBS was great - so glad I decided to work. Shelbi and I had a great time working together again. It was like old times!!! Karson had an awesome time with her friends, and Campbell did great in the nursery (she's so big)!
(Here are the girls on the last day - they were worn out, but so happy!)

2. Karson completed her 2 weeks of swimming lessons. SHE ROCKED!!! We are so proud of her. After crying every day last year, we were not really looking forward to it. She was a little timid the first day, but after that, she loved it and learned a ton! It's so fun to watch her conquer something that you know scares her - so brave!

3. Campbell is doing so well with her new medicine!!! She is MUCH happier and seems to feel a lot better. We had to adjust the dosage, but other than that, she's doing great. She even got to have cereal for the first time yesterday! She's growing, growing, growing. Last night was the first night we put her to bed before 9:30, and she still slept until 7:30 (that's my girl!)

4. We went to the lake and had an awesome time. My sister's husband's family has a lake house at Eufala, and we always love the privilege of getting to go. This time was no different. It was such a relaxing and fun weekend for all of us! (Pictures soon!!!)

5. Our friends P and J are too funny. There is a history of the "prank game" with these 2!!! We've found all kinds of things on our porch over the past few years! We try to get them back, but they always seem to be one step ahead of us. Well, when we arrived home from the lake the other day our sidewalk was lined with about 15 American flags. The next morning Rus and I both received text messages simply saying, "God Bless America". We replied...GAME ON! We'll let them live in suspense until we make our move! :) This picture does not do it justice (the flags are lining both sides of the sidewalk) - it really is quite patriotic. I've decided it looks festive and will leave the flags there until after the 4th! Thanks for the decorations, guys!

6. I'm getting ready to start the "camp circuit". I will be going to Dallas 3 times in the next month. I also have one camp in Austin and one here in Owasso. I always enjoy teaching camps once I get there, but between now and then it's going to get a bit crazy around here. I'm never good at leaving the girls (this will be the first time to leave Campbell over night), but I know it helps our family. I'm grateful that God has given me the ability and opportunity to use His gift. I'm trying to stay focused on that!

7. A quick Karson story...Yesterday morning I was trying to get laundry finished, and straighten up the house. Kars got very frustrated with me because I couldn't come play with her in her room. She stormed off and mumbled, "then I'm not letting you in." Soon after, I saw her go into my room and get a piece of paper. She began making a sign to hang on her door - one that would "not let me in". The funniest thing about the whole thing was that she asked me to help her spell all of the words. By the time she finished making the sign, she forgot she was mad at me...but she hung her sign up anyway.

I'm grateful for a busy life - it is always full of God's blessings! Tonight we're taking Karson to Bass Pro to go fishing in their pond, and tomorrow we have a play date with Mommy Pose, Mia, and Cole! Let the adventures continue!!!!


Carole said...

Hey Melissa! It's James's wife:) I got your comment and I've been reading your blog ever since! James was excited to see you had a blog. I think he was going to tell Mel, but I'm not sure if he did. I'll be sure to tell her the next tiem I talk to her!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for using initials to protect the accused pranksters. (Remember "innocent until proven guilty." God Bless America!) LOVE Campbell's VBS outfit. That made my day. LOVE Karson's sign. She is a true female. Stay mad for as long as it takes to make your point, even if you can't remember what it was! I'm not gonna lie, I'm proud of her. :-)

Lauren said...

Karson's sign- LOVE IT! She is so funny.

Mommy Pose said...

Oh that sign!!!! :) We had so much fun yesterday. And that interview is the one with St. D's - already scheduled. I was just informing those who didn't know about it.

Happy 4th! Have a safe trip this Sunday.

rbaddley said...

My Karson is the BEST! She really means it when she says she will not let you in, she just does not remember it by the time she makes the sign!!

Hi Carole, tell James and mom and pop Brooks hi for Tom and Randa.

Love, NANA