Thursday, July 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - A Recap!

Okay, so it's a wee bit past 1 o'clock in the morning, and I just finished watching one of my favorite summer time shows on the ole DVR. I have been a huge fan of "So You Think You Can Dance" since the first season. Now, I must confess, that up until tonight I have been a bit blah about this season so. I don't know what happened tonight, but it grabbed me! So much so, that in a "Boo Mama-esque" tradition, I would like to recap it. Just for grins.

I must add a few comments of my own before recapping each dance. First of all, I was QUITE ANGRY at the beginning of the show to find out that Jessica was not going to be on. Not that I loved her all that much, but the fact that Comfort was coming back made me mad. I thought we were finished having to suffer through her performances...yuck! Secondly, it made me laugh to here Lil' C's critiques. He is so articulate! I was pleasantly surprised! And third, I LOVED what Nigel had to say about making a mistake in a performance. It's so true. Every mistake you make lives with you forever, but it keeps you striving for the next time. I had never really thought about it quite like the way he put it.

Can you tell I'm truly missing dance?

1. Joshua and Courtney - Frankenstein Hip Hop & "Be Your Hero" Rumba it just me, or has Courtney gone down hill? I just didn't think she did very well tonight. I like both of these numbers, but I'm just not loving her. That little ren de jambe/whateverthatwas thing she did in the Hip Hop (you know, the one they replayed) was. bad.

2. Kherington and Mark - "Kick Back" 2 step & "Canned Heat" Jazz
Okay, let me start by saying that I was a HUGE Kherington fan at the beginning of the season. But now, she's reminding me of Natalie and Musa a few years ago. Remember how great Natalie was until they hit top 10 and she wasn't with Musa any more? I'm thinking K is kind of like that. She's lost a bit of her mojo (yep, I just said mojo). And, she danced the whole night looking down at the stage with her shoulders raised to her ears - it was bugging me. Anyway, I thought both of their dances were pretty bad. Mark is a bit odd, but I've always liked him. By the way, I love the song "Canned Heat". I know it's old school, but it always makes me think of Lindsay Bane and our field chair routine - which makes me smile. :)

3. Twitch and Comfort - "Open Arms" Waltz & "Forever" Hip Hop
I was so uncomfortable the entire time they were dancing the waltz I had to force myself to keep looking at the TV. It. Was. Awful. If I had to see Comfort's sickled feet and nasty dance hands one more time, I was going to puke. Other than that, it made me giggle to see those 2 trying so hard to be graceful. The Hip Hop was good - hello, what did you expect, but it didn't do much for me. I do love Twitch. He just has a cute, puppy dog face. AND, Mary Murphy saying "buck" is just wrong.

4. Gev and Chelsie - "These Arms of Mine" Contemporary & "The House is A Rockin" Jive
I LOVED the contemporary. That mowhawk lady scares me a bit, but she can choreograph! Chelsie is so versatile and fluent in all forms of dance. I have been surprised by her from the beginning and she's one of my faves! I'm not a big fan of anything ballroom, but the jive was okay. Gev was struggling a bit.

5. Katee and Will - "You're Rockin the Boat" Broadway & "Imagine" Pas de Deax
AMAZING!!!!!!! They are both stinkin incredible. I love the Broadway number. The drill team nerd in me immediately started thinking of how cute it would be as a team novelty or prop routine. Too cute. But the Pas de Deax...OH MY GOODNESS!!!! First of all, I love this version of the song. I was speechless - they were so good. What an amazing gift. They are also so humble - love that!

Okay, so I'm sure this is the most rambling, nonsensical bit of junk eyes are starting to droop and the screen is now very blurry! I must go to sleep. But before I leave, I'm suggesting to those of you who also watch, that we start posting our favorites each Wednesday - what fun!

My Favorites
Dance - Katee and Will's Pas de Deax
Girl - Katee
Guy - Will

Who Should Go?
Girl - Comfort - PLEASE!!!!!
Guy - ????? I don't know. I'm going to go with either Mark or Gev (neither of them are bad, but someone's gotta go)

What do you think?


Lauren said...

I haven't watched it yet. But my vote is Gev. He just seems the next logical to go. And WHAT?? Jessica gone, Comfort back...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That's makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I'll have to watch it tonight to find out what they were thinking!

Lauren said...

That, not that's.

Mommy Pose said...

OK, your comments were pretty much exactly what I told Chris and Mike while we were watching. I am serious! Including the comment about Lil C's articulation. Is that a word? We have spent a lot of time together, critiquing things! I agree 100%...although Mark's lame-o solo made me want him to go instead of Gev. BTW, do you and Rus want to go to the show with us? It is coming to TUlsa and tickets go on sale Aug. 2.